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 china glaze




2Nite (V)




2Nite (OMG Collection)


Admire (V)



Admire (Collection Romantique Spring 2009)



Below Deck (V)



Below Deck ( Collection Anchors Away 2011)






BFF (OMG Collection)



  Caribbean Blue (V)



Caribbean Blue


Cha Cha Cha (V)



Cha cha Cha (Island Escape - Summer 2011)



Classic Camel (V)



  Classic Camel (Vontage vixen Fall 2010)



Endurance (V)



Endurance (Fight a woman)



Empowerment (V)




Empowerment (Fight a woman)


First Mate (V)



First Mate (Anchors Away Collection 2011)



Go Go Pink (V)



Go Go Pink



Grape juice (V)




Grape Juice


Grape pop (V)




Grape Pop (Up&Away 2010)


Happy go lucky (V)



Happy Go Lucky (Up&Away 2010)



Holly Jolly (V)




Holly Jolly






IDK ( OMG Collection)


Ingrid (V)



 Ingrid (Vintage Vixen Fall 2010) 



Light as air (V)




Light as air


Little Drummer Boy (V)




Little Drummer Boy


Mummy May I (V)




Mummy May I


Pelican Grey (V)



Pelican Grey (Anchors Away 2011)



Rodeo Fanatic (V)



Rodeo Fanatic



Ruby Pumps (V)



Ruby Pumps (LoveYou Snow Much Holiday 2009)



Senorita Bonita (V)



Senorita Bonita (Escape Island Summer 2011)







TTYL ( OMG Collection)




color Club


Alias (V)



Alias (Alter Ego)



Chelsea girl (V)



Chealsea Girl (Collection Popstatic)



Electronica (V)



Electronica (Dance to the music)



Fashion Addict (V)



 Fashion Addict (Catwalk Queen - Spring 2009)



High society (V)



 High Society



Love'em Leave'em (V)




Love'em Leave'em (Colllection Wild at heart Fall 2009)


On the wild side (V)



On the Wild Side ( Collection Wild at heart - Fall 2009)



Pretty in Platinum (V)



Pretty in Platinum



Revvvolution (V)



Revvvolution (Femme Fatale)



  Space Case (V)



Space Case (starry trempress 2011)


Take me to your Chateau (V)



Take me to your Chateau



The lime starts here (V) 


The Lime Starts here (Wicked Sweet 2011)



Wild at heart (V)



Wild at heart (Collection Wild at heart fall 2009)



Wild Orchid (V)




Wild Orchid


Wild and willing (V)



Wild and Willing (Collection Wild at heart Fall 2009)







Best Boyfriend (V)




 Best Boyfriend


Bobbing for baubles (V)



Bobbing for Baubles ( Winter 2011 - Cocktail bling)



Chinchilly (V)



Chinchilly (Fall 2009)



Chubby Cheeks (V)




 Chubby Cheeks


Coat Azure (V)



Coat Azure ( Collection french Affaire Spring 2011)



Cocktail bling (V)



Cocktail bling (winter 2011)



Demure Vixen (V)




Demure Vixen (Summer 2010)


Sexy Divine (V)



Sexy Divine (Collection Divine Bar Holiday 2011)



Hot Coco (V)



Hot Coco (Winter 2010)



Lady Like (V)



 Lady Like ( Fall 2011)



Merino Cool (V)




Merino Cool


Mink Muffs (V)




 Mink muffs (Fall 2009)


Nice is Nice (V)



 Nice is Nice (Collection French Affaire Spring 2011)



Over the top (V)



Over the top (Collection Dive Bar holiday 2011)



Playa Del Platinum V




 Playa Del Platinum


Primavera (V)






Sand Tropez (V)



Sand Tropez (Collection French Affaire Spring 2011)



Sew Psyched (V)




Sew Psyched


  Shelter Island (V)


 Shelter Island



Splash grenadine (V)



Splash Grenadine



Smockin' Hot (V)






In stitches (V) 



In Stitches


Velvet Voyeur (V)



Velvet Voyeur



  Very Structured (V)


Very Structured (Fall collection 2011)







Cosmic polish (V)




 Cosmic Polish for Space Age Nails


Indigo Polish (V)



Indigo Polish for Sultry Nails



Military polish (V)



Military Polish for Brave Nails



Punk Polish (V)




Punk Polish for neon nails






Rain Polish for City Nails










61 (V)






64 (V)










  Lime Green (V)



Lime Green








Austin-tatious Turquoise (V)



 Austin-tatious turquoise



Black Onyx (V)




Black Onyx 


Bling Dynasty (V)




Bling dynasty (Hong Kong Collection)


Do You Lilac it (V)




Do You Lilac It (Spring 2010)


DS extravagance (V)




DS Extravagance


Expresso Your Style (V)



Expresso Your Style



Makes Men Blush (V)



Makes Man Blush (Beyond chic - Spring 2008)



Meet me on the star ferry (V)



Meet me on the Star Ferry (Hon Kong collection)



Not like the movies (V)



 Not like the movies (Katy Perry Collection)



 Osaka to me orange (V)



 Osaka To me Orange 


Over the taupe




Over The Taupe (Bright Pair)


Panda-monium (V)




Panda-monium Pink (Hong-Kong Collection)


  Parlez-vous OPI (V)



 Parlez-vous OPI ? (Collection de France)

  Purple with a Purpose (V)



Purple with a Purpose (Brights Collection)


Rumple's Wiggin' (V)



Rumple's wiggin' (Shrek forever after)



Russian Navy Suede (V)



Russian Navy Suede (Collection Suede)



Sand in my Suit (V)



Sand in my Suit (South Beach Collection)



  Sheer your toys (V)


Sheer your Toys (Collection Holyday in Toyland)



Shorts Story (V)



Shorts Story (Bright Pair)



The Color to Watch (V)




 The Color To Watch (Collection Swiss)


Tease-y Does it (V)




Tease-y Does it (Collection Burlesque)


Tickle my France (V)




Tickle my France ( collection de Fance)


Totally Tangerine (V)



Totally Tangerine ( Brights collection)



Yoga-ta Get this Blue ! (V)




Yoga-ta Get this Blue ! (Collection India)






You Don't Know Jacques (Collection de Fance)


YDKJ Suede (V)




 You Don't Know Jacques Suede (Collection Suede)


You're a doll! (V)



You're a doll ! (Collection Holyday in toyland)










Fantasea (V)






Glam Rock (V) 



 Glam Rock


Matte Vinyl (V)




 Matte Vinyl


Mirror Mirror V)




Mirror Mirror


Winter wonderland (V)




Winter wonderland

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